Eversoul Pre-Download Arrives, But You Can’t Actually Download It

Eversoul is now available for pre-download on Google Play, allowing you to install the game ahead of it’s January 5.

The pre-download has been released without any download data, leaving anticipating fans of the game puzzled.

No Data, Big Problem

The whole point of a pre-download is to avoid server stressing due to a lot of people trying to download the game at once. With a pre-download, you will instead install the game just before its release, helping to avoid a server crash at launch.

Given that there’s no data included in the pre-download, you’ll still have to install the full game at launch, making the whole process pretty redundant.

This strange move from the developer makes you wonder what will happen on January 5. Mass hysteria from Eversoul fans as the servers are overwhelmed? Or do the developers know what they’re doing, and there’s a plan after all?

Limited Freebies

An impractical pre-download is not the only obsticle that has gamers concerned about the launch of Eversoul.

Pre-registration rewards are tied exclusively to accounts that have pre-registered. If you’re a frequent gacha gamer, then you would know that this makes rerolling practically impossible.

If you want to know more about this slyly hidden detail, then check out our Eversoul Pre-Registration article where we cover what this could mean for the future of rerolling in Eversoul.

Where Can I Get the Eversoul Pre-Download?

Despite the controversy, we recommend that you go ahead and pre-download the game regardless. The game doesn’t launch until January 5, meaning the developers still have time to upload data to Google Play.

On-top of that, pre-registration rewards are still up for grabs, and this is your last chance to do so! Check out the Eversoul pre-download for yourself on Google Play.

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