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EVE Online ties down a November 8 launch date for Uprising and shows off 16 new spaceships

There have been two big news updates for EVE Online, both of which are tied to the game’s upcoming Uprising expansion. CCP Games has officially confirmed the update will go live on Tuesday, November 8th, and it will bring a total of 16 new ships when it does.

The announcement post goes through the full list of 16 vessels, which are effectively fleet issue or navy issue reworks of existing dreadnoughts, battlecruisers, frigates, and destroyers, so while their visuals appear to be effectively the same, their loadouts and features make them distinct. Each of these new selections promise “tempting new options, whether [players are] focused on combat, industry, exploration, enforcement, or carving [their] own role.”

Players looking to get a closer look at these new internet spaceships can scope them out on the game’s website or watch them in flight in the video below.


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