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Elden Ring’s Colosseum DLC – ISK Mogul Adventures Due Dec. 7

Elden Ring is getting free DLC this week. There’s a new update that was just announced which plans to add something rather fresh to the game and its associated genre. From Software has announced that players will be able to enjoy more content when the free Colosseum DLC is released on December 7, 2022.

The Colosseum update will add various PvP modes to the game, offering something entirely new to the Souls franchise. Prior to this, PVP has largely been a feature baked into the open world that relied on invading other players. The elements of randomness and hunting made for a complex and shifting meta-game, but it had its issues. One common issues was hackers, as cheaters saught to take advantage of the game for easy wins. The new modes are more focused towards skill, rather than who has the most bizarre and OP build.

Players spawn into set arenas and duel it out in a much more structured way, removing some of the hunting for players which was necessary in previous games. This does mean that combat will be over faster, but the restricted map will require a lot more skill and better movement to come out on top within.

Come forth, warriors, and bask in the glory of the Colosseum.
Prove your worth in various duels and battles, together or on your own in the free Colosseum Update. Coming December 7.


The update that brings Elden Ring’s Colosseum DLC to life will drop in Dec, 7 and will be free to all players.

In addition to the expansion of player vs. player options, the game will likely get a pretty noticeable meta-game shakeup as PVP builds have to adapt to the new landscape of the Colosseum and its environs.

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