Easy Come Easy Golf receives the latest 1.9 update, introducing synchronous multiplayer and a new level cap

Developer Clap Hanz has announced that their Apple Arcade golf simulation game Easy Come Easy Golf has received a brand new update that brings in a new mode of play, more progression to shoot for, and multiplayer adjustments that are sure to make the PvP a lot more engaging and fun!

Easy Come Easy golf is a cartoonishly styled golf game that sees you take on the role of your chosen character, of which there are many to choose from, and use them to tackle many different stages and holes as you level up your stats and gear. It’s a fairly simple premise, but Easy Come Easy Golf nails the presentation on the head and shakes out to be quite a good time.

Now, with this update, there’s a new way to play too! The Stroke Standoff mode sees you and three other opponents play alongside each other in a live version. Whereas in the old PvP mode, you had to wait for each player to individually take their turn, this mode will allow all of you to play at the same time without the delay between each shot. This saves a lot of time and is sure to make the multiplayer aspect of the game go by far faster and more casually.

There’s also a brand new level cap to aim for too. The old level 35 cap is now replaced by level 40, which you can achieve simply by playing the game until you’re closer to that level. Then, you’ll have to hit some albatross shots to break the cap and be able to reach the new max level.

With this new update, there’s now a clearer goal for you to shoot for within Easy Come Easy Golf, and the multiplayer update is just the cherry on top. If you’d like to check it out yourself, you can download the game at the link below as long as you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber.

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