Donkey Kong Is Pretty Caked Up In The New Super Mario Bros. Movie

Mario might have the flattest pancakes known to the Mushroom Kingdom in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but it looks like Donkey Kong has more than enough cake to make up for it.

Yesterday, Nintendo shared the second trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, giving us a much better look at the film than the trailer we received back in October. This trailer finally had some screentime for Peach and Luigi, as well as giving us a first look (but not listen) at Donkey Kong and the rest of the DK Crew.

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It also told us one very important thing – Donkey Kong is pretty caked up in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. We only get to see a short clip of his encounter with Mario, but when he pins the plumber to the ground and starts slapping him (steady on), we get to see a bit of his chunky monkey posterior.


As you can see from the meme above from Twitter user AKoolKoopa, Donkey Kong’s backside has been given some due diligence and stands out pretty proudly. Admittedly it’s pretty hidden for most of the section, but if you slow the footage down and keep a close eye on DK’s butt at all times, you’ll see that it’s much meatier than Mario’s.

It seems that the team at Illumination must have seen the Donkey Kong Country TV show at some point, as his butt is pretty comparably juicy in the movie as it was in the show. Yes, I can’t believe that I’m writing this about a cartoon gorilla either, but I’ve started at this footage long enough, damn it.

Then there’s poor Mario. As revealed on the film’s first official poster (and then cruelly pointed out by pretty much everyone on the internet), Illumination has made the strange choice to give Mario the flattest ass possible. This man spends most of his time jumping around, so why is his booty nonexistent?

To be completely fair to Mario, it does seem like The Super Mario Bros. Movie acts as a prequel of sorts for the plumber. Not only is it his first time in the Mushroom Kingdom, but he’s also shown in the trailer to be inexperienced when it comes to platforming, seemingly spending a whole night training on an obstacle course that the Mario we know would have blitzed through.

In the games, Mario doesn’t have the biggest bum in the world or anything, but his booty definitely isn’t anything to complain about like it is in the Illumination movie. It’s a little strange that so much of the internet’s attention span for this Mario movie is how big all of the character’s asses are, but we won’t pretend that we’re not right along for the ride and wondering just how big Bowser’s buttcheeks are. We’ll have to wait for the next trailer for that, I reckon.

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