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Destiny 2 reveals Festival of the Lost Armor 2023 and new updates

In a new TWAB post, Destiny 2 has just announced the two sets that fans can vote on for Festival of the Lost Armor 2023, featuring a single “creepy crawlies” theme. This year, there’s only one theme with two different interpretations, in the interest of keeping all fans satisfied. Players will be able to vote between “spooky spider style” and “bone-chilling beetle body”.

The voting process has also been updated to compensate for the new Lost Armor approach. Here’s the official tweet from Bungie with the full TWAB:

Bungie’s new take on Festival of the Lost Armor may disappoint as many fans as it pleases. Yes, stifling themes that must wait a year for another chance can be irritating. The monster theme ended up losing repeatedly, as mech themed armor ultimately won last year.

However, even though everyone is more likely to accept the outcome of the vote, limiting Lost Armor sets to a single theme will provide much less variety. Not only will there be fewer new concepts each year, but each set will be less distinguishable.

In fact, that could also make the vote less interesting, since there isn’t as much contrast between the sets. Therefore, each vote will have fewer stakes, compared to the meaningful battles of past.

Although, Bungie has smoothed over some of the balancing issues. Narrowing the voting process into classes does seem like a good call. Apparently, Bungie feels that the votes weren’t consistent enough in that regard, and each class does deserve a say.

Besides, the Festival of the Lost Armor art design itself continues to impress. The new outfits revealed today look fairly detailed and eerie, capturing the insectoid texture with lots of spines or horns. They also happen to be draft concepts, so even more enhancements could still come up.

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