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Death Stranding 2 Announced – Game Informer

Death Stranding 2 – the sequel to one of the best games of the previous console generation – was announced tonight during The Game Awards. As you might expect from director Hideo Kojima, it was baffling. 

The trailer begins with Fragile, played by Lea Seydoux (No Time to DieCrimes of the Future), running from some kind of threat while carrying a BB (a baby in an artificial womb; it’s a whole thing) in tow. We then get a brief look at Sam Porter Bridges – the protagonist of the first game, played by Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) – who Fragile tells, “It’s time for you to hit the road and start a new journey.” Then everything truly goes off the rails. 

Giant mecha vehicles (not too unlike the titular Metal Gears from Kojima’s previous series at Konami, Metal Gear Solid). Primary antagonist Higgs dressed like President Amelie Strand and playing an electric guitar. A BB pod full of tentacles. The ominous question, “Should we have connected,” casting doubts on the entire objective of the first game – connecting the United States – all quickly flashes onscreen. If it sounds like a lot, it is. Check it out for yourself below:

We’re calling it Death Stranding 2, but from the looks of it, the game is actually named DS2. Also, aside from the previously mentioned movie stars, it features Elle Fanning (The Neon Demon) and Shioli Kutsuna (Deadpool 2). 

During a brief interview after the trailer, Kojima revealed he and his company, Kojima Productions, are also working on another video game project and other “visual” works.

No real release information was given, though the game is once again being published by Sony. The trailer also said the footage was captured on a PS5. So, it might be safe to assume Death Stranding 2, like Death Stranding before it, will have some window of exclusivity on Sony platforms. Guerilla Games will also be acting as a support studio, and its proprietary engine, Decima, will once again be used for the game. 

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