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‘Death Rolls,’ Missing Legs, Bloodied Faces, Stick Beatings—Tell Alligator Adventure to End the Violence to Alligators!

Alligator Adventure is a never-ending nightmare for animals—rife with bloody attacks, missing limbs, and beatings. This roadside zoo in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, crams alligators into extremely crowded enclosures where they have to fight for food, and then its employees attempt to break up these fights by hitting them with large wooden sticks. “Death rolls”—the term for what alligators often do to kill prey—are commonly observed, and numerous alligators are missing limbs. Guests have documented that an alligator was attacked, beaten, death rolled, and left with a bloody face and apparently incapable of using their right front leg.

In nature, alligator mothers protect and care for their young for up to two years—but at this dangerous roadside zoo, babies who’ve been apparently torn away from their mothers have their mouths taped shut for demeaning shows and distressing public encounters. Alligator Adventure breaks the natural mother-baby bond to fit its business interests, which is a clear example of speciesism––a human-supremacist worldview.

Alligator Adventure’s apparent disregard for the alligators’ well-being extends to other animals, including big cats, hyenas, rams, lemurs, various birds, and other reptiles. A cougar has been observed pacing, which is indicative of psychological distress. And many other animals––such as a bobcat, kookaburras, and scarlet macaws––are held in tiny, barren cages.

Urge Alligator Adventure to provide these animals with a stress-free environment that promotes their physical and social welfare!

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