Dead by Daylight January 2023 Developer Update adds Survivor Activity HUD and more

A few days after the New Year’s celebrations, the Dead by Daylight team revealed a variety of new improvements, updates, and tweaks for the January 2023 Developer Update.

Among the features revealed in the latest Developer Update includes the new Survivor Activity HUD, some Nurse Changes, Knight Tweaks Eyrie of Crows Update, Challenge Tracker, and more. Dead by Daylight provided a full overview of these updates on the forum page.

Starting with the new Survivor Activity HUD, Dead by Daylight revealed to debut this feature in the 6.5.0 update. Each Survivor will now display their current action next to their portrait. These actions include:

  • Repairing a Generator
  • Opening an Exit Gate
  • Healing, Mending & Recovering
  • Cleansing & Blessing a Totem
  • Searching a Chest
  • Killer specific actions (e.g. Snapping out of it, waking up a Survivor, etc.)

The Survivor Activity HUD will not only gives vital information for planning the next move, but also provides insight into the actions of teammates. These actions are only visible to Survivors, and Killers are not always informed of what Survivors are doing.

The Wiggle Mechanics, which was one of the features to appear in the beta tab last year, will also receive an update. The faster wiggle progression will now be removed from great skill checks. Moreover, instead of increasing wiggle speed, great skill checks will increase the amount the Killer sways. There is also a newly added sound for not attempting to hit a skill check at all. 

The Nurse‘s power has progressively increased as a result of the addition of new perks, making previously powerful playstyles increasingly stronger. In the new update  her blink attacks will be turned into special attacks. This means they will no longer activate basic attack perks such as Starstruck, Hex: No One Escapes Death, and so on. Furthermore, a new sound cue was also added when The Nurse has fully regenerated all her blink charges. Meanwhile, here’s a breakdown of other upcoming changes to The Nurse:

  • “Bad Man’s” Last Breath
    • After hitting a Survivor with a blink attack, The Nurse becomes Undetectable for 25 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once every 45 seconds.
  • Jenner’s Last Breath
    • Once all blinks have been exhausted, The Nurse may teleport back to her original position. Once she returns to her original position, all blink charges are restored.

A few changes were also made to make longer pathways for The Knight more effective. First, the orb that Survivors see while the Killer is making a route will diminish with distance and vanish entirely when the trail is longer than 10 meters. Second, after establishing a path longer than 10 meters, the Knight will temporarily get the Haste status effect.

Third, based on the length of the patrol trail, guards will head to the location where they saw a Survivor and begin their pursuit at a quicker rate. Similar to the Haste, only paths over 10 meters in length can profit from this. In addition to encouraging longer pathways, the instant generator regression was raised from guards to 5% compared to the default of 2.5%.

The Eyrie of Crows map will also be updated, as it was previously reported to favor the Survivors. Instead of a lengthy rectangle, the map will be almost square, making it easier for Killers to patrol generators.

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