Core Keeper Desert Update Coming Next Week

The next major Core Keeper update is just around the corner, with the Desert of Beginnings arriving on November 10th. The Core Keeper desert update, which was announced two months ago, will add the Desert of Beginnings biome, the Molten Quarry sub-biome, 12 new critters, new music, and much more. The biggest feature that might get you excited is karting, which means you’ll be able to hop on a go-kart and scoot around the desert with your friends at high speeds while yelling Mad Max: Fury Road quotes at each other. 

The Core Keeper desert update will also add new weapons and base building options, which should encourage you to use the new Galaxite ore to make a Galaxite workplace. After all, the three new variations of go-karts won’t build themselves, right?

Of all the giant bugs I’ve seen before, that’s one of them.

Two new bosses will come with the new update: Igneous the Molten Mass and Ra-Akar the Sand Titan. These should keep you busy while you also check out quality of life improvements requested by the community. The QOL improvements include Steam achievements, the ability to fish from minecarts and boats, clickable recipes that automatically add ingredients to a cooking pot, and options to destroy, pick up, and place some larger world objects.

If you’re looking for something else to try in the meantime, you can check out the Creepy Costume Party Halloween seasonal event that will be live in-game until this Saturday. Basically, you’ll be able to unlock some rare Halloween updates to up your spooky factor. If you’re already done with that, there’s another seasonal event planned in December, and you can also start looking forward to the Crystal Biome that’s most likely coming next year.

Want to become the best keeper of the cores? Check out our guides below!

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