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Contract dispute sees Roots of Pacha removed from Steam

A falling out between developer Soda Den and publisher Crytivo has seen sim title Roots of Pacha be pulled from Steam.

In a post on Twitter from the game’s official Twitter account, the developer said that it had “worked hard” to resolve the issue amicably. The studio alleges that Crytivo went to Valve to have Roots of Pacha removed from Steam.

There’s no indication yet as to what specifically the disagreement is in relation to.

“While we work out our issues with Crytivo, we’ll continue developing Roots of Pacha with the same energy as we’ve always put into it,” Soda Den wrote.

“We couldn’t be any more thankful for the overall reception of the game. We’re currently working on a roadmap and are excited to say it’ll be ready for you next month.

“We’re cautiously optimistic that Roots of Pacha will return to Steam very soon.”

In response, Crytivo has claimed that Soda Den “unilaterally” rescinded its contract with the publisher two days after the game’s April 25th release.

“This disregarded all of our work and the agreed-upon revenue-sharing contract terms. Shortly after, they removed our access to the Steam page for our team,” Crytivo wrote.

“Per Valve policy, if there is a dispute between parties, they remove the page until the dispute is resolved.”

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