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Community Revolts As AetherSX2 Updates To Include Ads

A new shocking twist in the sad saga of the AetherSX2 emulator appears to have unfolded today, with a new update to the Android PlayStation 2 emulator on Google Play, a claimed change of developer, and a stark warning from an apparent community moderator.

The story began as AetherSX2 received a new update on Google Play. The ‘What’s New’ section listed a new developer, which raised a few players’ hopes of continued support for the emulator. However, this optimism did not last. Users discovered that the newly updated emulator had the label ‘contains ads’.

A Shocking Statment From The Fan Community Mods

It got even worse. One of the AetherSX2 Fan Community Discord moderators left a very strongly-worded statement in the server’s announcement channel.

“Hey all. It seems Tahlreth (former AetherSX2 dev), out of spite, has sabotaged AetherSX2 on the Play Store. Of course, this is yet another promise he has taken back about Aether being an ad-free experience. The app now includes ads and also seems to run worse. So I’d suggest not updating the app. Please spread the word to everyone you can to not use the new updated version. Leave reviews warning people about this new version on the Play Store. Don’t let Tahlzek ruin the android ps2 community.”

We’ve covered the previous problems in the AetherSX2’s development, and the departure of its developer Tahlreth, who reportedly quit due to harassment from users.

Archived Versions Gone

Up until now, the emulator’s previous versions have been available to download, but the news got even worse.

The previously-archived versions of the emulator disappeared from the official archive on the AetherSX2 website. Now only the current version is available. The fan community Discord has archived downloads available via its server, for those who are without an older copy.

We cannot verify any of the claims right now, and there has been no statement from Tahlreth or any new developer about the change of direction for the emulator.

Truly the story of the AetherSX2 isn’t over, but it’s not the big comeback we’d hoped for.

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