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Civilization 6 DLC Leaked Ahead Of Official Announcement

Civilization VI has potentially had its upcoming DLC leaked ahead of time by its own mobile website. The cover art of the upcoming DLC, titled Leader Pass, was spotted before being quickly removed. According to a tweet from the official Civilization account, an announcement is expected today.

According to the Reddit leaks — originally taken from the Chinese community website Bilibili — the expansion will reportedly include at least 13 historical leaders from different countries or civilizations around the world, including Abraham Lincoln, Ramesses II, Elizabeth I of England, Julius Caesar and Tokugawa Ieyasu. These real-life figures look similar to the character icons present in the leaked covert art, lending the Chinese leak more credibility.


The original leak, translated by CivFanatatics user xxhe, cited the source of these names to a text document in Chinese, which allegedly comes from a localization team. Another user who goes by the name Flactine has also predicted the list in full, even though they don’t have the document xxhe was privy to even before the leak was made known.

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Further information from the now-removed Billibilli leak includes that the DLC will also include additional playable content and a new game mode. The DLC pass is supposed to last for six months, meaning the new content will be spread over half a year from release. A final leaked detail is that the Chinese leader Zhu Di will only be playable in separate game mode, potentially in just a scenario.

In other news, the possibility of having a true full-fledged sequel to Civilization VI might be still on the cards, as recent job postings from the developer Firaxis were looking for a narrative lead to work on a “Next AAA strategy Title” and a concept artist who has a passion for world history.

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