CeCe Winans Calls Whitney Houston’s Lyrics ‘Demonic’

A resurfaced video clip of CeCe Winans explaining why she declined to appear in the late Whitney Houston’s music video for “I’m Every Woman” is now making its rounds on social media.

CeCe Winans’ 2021 Revelation Recently Went Viral On Twitter

A Twitter user by the handle @legendofNippy shared a tweet on February 28. The tweet contained a 2-minute video of Winans explaining why she declined to appear in Houston’s music video for “I’m Every Woman” and has since received over 1.4 million views.

When you aim to please God, then a lot of offers that come my way, I don’t even have to think about.

Winans explained. Then went on to reference Whitney Houston as “one of her dear friends” whose fame made her realize that she “really didn’t want to be famous.”

And I remember she was about to do one of her big videos, and it was “I’m Every Woman” — it was a great video… When you think about how it was written, it’s a great song. But the lyrics don’t line up with the word of God.

Winans went on to explain that Houston wanted her to be in the video, but she knew Winans would decline.

Cause it started off with, ‘I could cast a spell’ — I’m not saying that! But notice how that message was all wrapped up in the beat. Y’all get so hooked onto these beats and it’s like demonic — you’re listening to demonic stuff and you wonder why you don’t know what’s going on… You can’t listen and look at everything!

Winans Recalled Later Appearing In Another Video Of Houston’s

Later in the clip, Winans explains that she later appeared in the music video for her and Houston’s single “Count On Me.”

But then she called me back for ‘Count On Me’… I was like, ‘This is great — friendship, this is going to work.’ Because it lines up with my faith…

The full video of Winans is dated November 2021, when she appeared at Highlands College chapel to speak at their In-Residence Program.


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