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Can’t wait for Dead Space? Dead Station is on Xbox

For many the only ‘Dead’ games they’ll be wanting to play are the upcoming releases of Dead Space and Dead Island 2. But if you can’t wait to 2023 and need to get your dead on right now, then Dead Station should be worth a look. Especially at the price it’s being offered. 

Dead Station is the latest cheapy from the ChiliDog Interactive team, a game put together by Hoodoo Bear – they previously having pushed Oliver’s Adventures in the Fairyland to the console landscape. 

Dead Station will set you back a mere £4.19 and for that kind of money, it all feels a bit like a no-brainer. Whisking players off to a space station, one that has been taken over by hordes of evil monsters (did we ever mention it feels much like the original Dead Space!?), it’s up to you to survive as best you can – mostly making use of weapons, firearms and whatever else comes to hand. 

Your goal is to find out what has happened to this station (yeah, feels a bit familiar), ultimately surviving however you can. 

But, Dead Station isn’t just your standard space romp and you’ll be required to use your wits and utilise your surroundings in order to make progress. 

If that sounds your bag, you’ll find Dead Station on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. We’re pretty sure it’s going to set you up for similar outings that are due to take place next year. 

Keep an eye out for a review from us soon too. 

Game Description:

Dead Station is a new hit by Hoodoo Bear, the developers of Oliver’s Adventures in the Fairyland. It’s an old school platforming experience set on the space station «Soyuz-1» overrun by some hostile monsters. Your task is to arm yourself with melee weapons and firearms, find any answers on what the hell happened there and survive no matter what! It’s a new twist on the survival-action genre — you’ll have to use your wits and surroundings in order to progress through this station. Actually it’s not «dead», but more like «deadly»! Do you think you have what it takes to venture through these dangerous halls and corridors?

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