Callisto Protocol PC stutters improved in horror game update

Running into The Callisto Protocol PC stutters? Developer Striking Distance Studios has deployed a new Callisto Protocol update aiming to fix gameplay stuttering in the horror game. Regardless of what hardware you’re running in your gaming PC, it seems that performance issues are plaguing the launch of the latest game from Dead Space creator and previous Call of Duty co-director Glen Schofield, also known for his past work on games such as Gex and Legacy of Kain, and his new team at Striking Distance.

As a tweet from the official The Callisto Protocol account explains, “A PC patch is now available to improve gameplay stuttering issues due to shader compilation.” Be sure to check for updates on Steam or the Epic Games store to get your hands on this latest Callisto Protocol patch.

The team remarks that “after updating, you may see temporary stuttering in the game menu the first time you launch the app,” but says that it is “working on further optimizations in the days ahead.” Hopefully the performance issues can be ironed out as soon as possible so that people can enjoy the terror of the space game as intended.

In the meantime, the game currently sits at a ‘mixed’ rating of 44% positive reviews on Steam at the time of writing. This is up somewhat from an initial burst of ‘mostly negative,’ suggesting that perhaps some users are already happier with the resulting performance.

If you’re looking to get on board and are still running into issues, many players suggest that disabling motion blurring can help reduce the stuttering problems. Be sure to check out the best Callisto Protocol settings for PC in order to optimise your performance as much as possible.

Despite its many performance issues, our Callisto Protocol review found it to be a satisfying love letter to the past generation of horror games, albeit one with a somewhat unremarkable story to tell. Be sure to take a look at The Callisto Protocol system requirements to check how your rig matches up. We’ve also got plenty more to help you out in-game, such as all The Callisto Protocol weapons and their corresponding weapon schematic locations.

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