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Blue Archive’s An Unconcealed Heart story event is now live

A couple of weeks ago, Nexon announced pre-registration for a new event called An Unconcealed Heart, which was coming to the popular JRPG Blue Archive. The story event has finally gone live and everyone who signed up in advance will receive their reward of 1,200 Pyroxene as long as they log into the game before January 5th, 2023.

In the An Unconcealed Heart event on Blue Archive, players will follow the Ninjutsu Research Club as embark on a journey to become recognized as an official club. This is being arranged by an exchange between the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy and the Gehenna Academy. But this soon becomes a tussle and the Sensei is now tasked with overseeing it and sorting things out.

In this update, three new characters have been introduced. The first is Iroha, from Gehenna Academy, a mystic-type Special Student whose EX Skill sees her battle from atop the T.S. Toramaru. It fires an artillery shell every 15 seconds and first targets a single enemy based on its attack attribute. After this, it splits and ends up damaging surrounding foes as well.


The other two characters belong to the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy. Kaede is another Special Student who is the explosive type. She uses her EX Skill to create a shield proportional to her healing for 16 seconds. This protects all allies and gives a slight breather to come up with a plan to fight back.

Finally, we have Michiru, a mystic-type striker whose EX Skills make use of fireworks. The cracker flies straight and damages the first enemy it hits, also afflicting them with non-stop burn damage for 20 seconds. It’s a good mix of heroes to add to the roster.

Visit the official website for more information. Participate in the An Unconcealed Heart event by downloading Blue Archive now for free by clicking on either of the links below.

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