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Black Desert PC makes several monster updates and starts some holiday season events

‘Tis the season for celebration by getting presents under a tree and killing a monstrous yeti, or at least that’s how the holidays are starting off in Black Desert on PC, as the aforementioned festive affairs are part of the lineup of events for this week in the sandbox.

From now until December 28th, players can find free cron stones every day and a new present every week beneath a winter tree in Heidel, while Alejandro Farm is once again being menaced by the winter yeti with various rewards on offer for those who hunt it down from now until December 14th. Other events available in the update include a 10-hour buff granted from wells in Calpheon, a hot time event, and a screenshot contest featuring the coco-nutty pirate outfit.

On the subject of monster hunting, there’s plenty of that in this week’s patch as well: Players can take on new monster subjugation missions for guild members in certain areas, enjoy updates to the Winter Tree Fossil and Murrowak’s Labyrinth monster zones, and take on a new field hunting boss known as Rawr-Rawr, king of the grass rhinos.

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