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Ben 10 Creators Launch Hello Neighbor Animated Series Welcome to Raven Brooks

From the creators of Ben 10 and the developers at tinyBuild comes the Hello Neighbor-inspired animated series titled Welcome to Raven Brooks. For game series fans, little clips and teasers will be hidden within Hello Neighbor 2 and Secret Neighbor

A few years ago, tinyBuild did a little “pilot” showcasing their idea for this animated series, and it wracked up quite a bit of views;  20 million views on their Youtube channel to be exact. The devs state that gave them the confidence to finally make that dream a reality, and begin developing the animated series. The storyline will be following the same storyline the games do, and just bundling it all together into one universe. It should be noted that the devs are saying this is not a kids’ show, where they compare it to the Red Wedding episode from Game of Thrones. 

The game will be premiering directors cut versions within the games Hello Neighbor 2 and Secret Neighbor on the television screens scattered around the game. There will be blood, the devs say, so keep that in mind while playing and looking for these hidden teasers. These will be added into the game later this month, in December 2022, and players will see a countdown appear on various TV screens which will show when the premieres will begin. After the premiere, the developers will be posting a “safe” version to YouTube and see how it goes on that platform. From there, they will determine the best course of action for distributing the rest of the series. 

There are 18 total episodes in Season one of Welcome to Raven Brooks, and all of them will be released quite spread out. There will be a total of three releases, that the devs call drops, and six episodes will release with each “drop”. Each episode is between 10 and 14 minutes long in total, and each of the “drops” will conclude with a story tease at the conclusion, leaving fans waiting for more. 

Hello Neighbor 2 is set to release on December 6, 2022, and the Steam versions of that game and Secret Neighbor will have the premiere built into it already for fans to enjoy. 

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