Battleheart Legacy, the classic top-down RPG, launches onto Apple Arcade

The mobile classic action role-playing game Battleheart Legacy, developed by Mika Mobile and released way back in 2014 as a sequel to Battleheart, has officially launched as an App Store Great within the Apple Arcade. This top-down high fantasy RPG sees you going on a variety of quests as you build up your character and utilise your own choice of skills, developing your build as you progress throughout this fantastical world.

Battleheart Legacy is indeed a bit of a cult classic – perhaps not getting the same attention as other legendary games like Temple Run or Candy Crush, but this single-player RPG still deserves just as much attention based solely on one huge factor: its combat.

The combat of Battleheart Legacy is extremely engaging, and has an abundance of different skills you can unlock and use based on however you want to build your character. Do you want to be a long-range mage who keeps their distance and beams their enemies with laser beams? Go for it. Is your true desire to be a first-throwing monk who teleports enemy-to-enemy as you pound their faces in? You can do that! Or perhaps you just want to be a nice sword-and-board wielding tank? Of course that’s available!

It truly can’t be expressed how many different playstyles there are on offer here, and each is so unique that there’s a lot of replayability within this 3D fantasy romp. Between a good amount of side quests and a longer main quest with an intriguing story that spans a massive open world, there’s a lot of content on offer here to challenge your chosen build too.

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see why Battleheart Legacy has stayed so popular all these years on, and why this Apple Arcade release is great news for anyone who hasn’t played it. If you’re looking to do so and are a subscriber to the service, you can download it at the link below this article right now! Alternatively, you can also purchase it at the Play Store link below as well!

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