Antioch: Scarlet Bay, a co-op narrative adventure, finally releases after original plan to launch six years ago

After a long, long wait, the online detective adventure game Antioch: Scarlet Bay has finally launched for iOS and Android. This point-and-click adjacent title takes the traditional genre tropes and spins them on their head, introducing online play into the mix by forcing you and one other player to tackle this mysterious adventure tale together.

Traditionally, adventure games like this are fairly straightforward. You navigate a story and make choices and decisions that may adjust the path of the story, but all in all, it’s always up to you to make those choices and pick the dialogue options you think will be productive. Antioch takes this concept and throws it out the window with its partner playstyle.

This is because, while you and the other player, be that a random online gamer or your best friend, are working together to see where this story ends, you’ll inevitably disagree on something. And that’s where it gets interesting.

If you’re playing with someone, especially if they’re in the same room, you’re bound to disagree on what course of action is right. This makes it almost a debate at times, having to argue both sides until you come to a consensus. This turns what could be a very linear and run-of-the-mill adventure game into an active way to engage with your co-op partner, making it far more interesting if you ask me.

Add this in with an engaging mystery set in a cyberpunk-esque city where you must solve a mysterious murder together, and there’s a lot to dig here. If you’re interested, you can check it out below at either of the links for $2.99. In the meantime, take a peek at the trailer above or the official website for more information!

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