Anti-grav Wipeout tribute racer BallisticNG v1.3 adds new tracks, vehicles and game modes

BallisticNG is honestly one of the best fast-paced anti-gravity racers around that’s inspired by Wipeout, and they just had the 1.3 release out with plenty of new content.

This update honestly looks like a lot of fun with 8 new tracks designed for smaller vehicles, and naturally they’ve put in some smaller anti-gravity racers just for this. These smaller pedestrian sized vehicles kickstart a whole new class for the game, and there’s a campaign to go along with it. Quite an update!

On top of that there’s a Unity game engine upgrade, modding updates, multiple new vehicles (although some are cheats) like a forklift (yes really), more cheat options, physics upgrades, multiplayer improvements, more events added to existing campaigns, a refreshed UI and more.

Another big one is the addition of the Stunt Mode, and I don’t think that needs a huge explainer. All about doing barrel rolls, and racking up as many points as possible. Their video below on it looks completely ridiculous with the hovering forklift but I also now want to give it a try.

Available to buy on Steam.

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