Amouranth Says She Hates Twitch’s Ban Policy

Amouranth is back to streaming after taking a break following her falling out with her husband and former business partner. Her streams are more Overwatch than hot tubs, which is something she’s absolutely fine with, and something Twitch is probably okay with too. Amouranth taking a more traditional approach to streaming is likely to help her avoid falling afoul of Twitch’s controversial ban policies, something Amouranth criticized in a recent interview.

Speaking to Jake Lucky and Full Squad Gaming, Amouranth took some time to vent over Twitch’s policies. “I hate their ban policy,” she said. “There seems to be a disconnect on Twitch. Their Trust and Safety team doesn’t even communicate with the rest of Twitch staff.”


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Amouranth said she suspected that the Trust and Safety team doesn’t communicate with Twitch’s partner managers because they’ve never been able to tell her what she did wrong.

“If you have a Partner Manager–most streamers don’t, but even if you do, a lot of the time they can’t tell you what you did. They’re just like ‘Yeah, you got this violation in a generic category,’ like ‘sexually suggestive.’ You’re like, ‘What part was sexually suggestive?’ And they’re like, ‘We don’t know.’ Helpful!”

Twitch doesn’t often provide streamers with specifics about what they did to warrant the ban. “There’s no clip, there’s no instance; you don’t even know what to avoid! That’s really annoying. They’ll just ban you and not tell you why,” Amouranth added.

That’s not always the case, however. Hasanabi was eventually able to get an explanation on Twitch after his ban for using the word “cracker.” That saga went on for months with Twitch eventually rescinding the ban and reconsidering its racial slurs. Hasanabi was later granted a “cracker pass” by cracker manufacturer Wheat Thins, allowing him to use the term in the future in any context.

Elsewhere in her interview with Full Squad Gaming, Amouranth revealed she’d never received a Twitch contract despite being the most viewed woman on the platform. She said she suspected it had something to do with being “not brand-friendly” enough, and given her participation in the fart meta, that seems like a fair assessment.

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