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Amazon’s poached Mike Flanagan from Netflix with an exclusive TV production deal

While Mike Flanagan’s forthcoming The Fall of the House of Usher series based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe is still headed to Netflix, the Haunting of Hill House creator is getting ready to take his talents to another streaming platform that’s likely looking to beef up its horror catalog.

In a public statement about their jump to Amazon, Flanagan and Macy said that they’ve “long admired” the Netflix competitor and explained that they feel Amazon Studios and Intrepid share similar visions.

 “Their commitment to engaging in groundbreaking series and content aligns with the ethos of what we have built at Intrepid,” Flanagan and Macy said. “We are looking forward to working with the entire Amazon team as we bring our brand of genre productions to the service and audiences around the globe.”

While there’s currently no word on what specific projects will come out of the deal, it stands to reason that fans of Flanagan and Macy’s Netflix work can expect to see similar stories coming out of Amazon in the near future.

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