Adventure game ‘Astronomical Club For Queers’ hits Switch on Dec. 23rd, 2022

Red.Deer Games has announced that they’re bringing Astronomical Club for Queers to Switch on Dec. 23rd, 2022. Astronomical Club for Queers is a heart-rending and graphically stunning story about the differences between people.

Astronomical Club For Queers is an adventure game with simple mechanics where you can chat with friends and take a closer look at the stars through a telescope. You are a transgender civet named Louie. After the flood, at your friend’s family home, you stayed at the family home of your friend, a gay fox named Oliver.

Listen carefully to the podcast with your buddies – pansexual alligator Miles and lesbian dog Kylie and learn more about the approaching Halley’s comet. Admire the night sky with the help of a telescope together with asexual cat Darwin.

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